I’m not exactly sure where the last four and a half months went. I’ve often thought to myself it was time for another blog post but only got around to it today. Looking at the old ones, I realized I haven’t posted in FOUR AND A HALF months. I promise to do better.

We’ll talk gis today. Specifically, I’ll review the Fenom gis that I have. I bought my first one last summer some time and was pleased enough with it that I bought a second when they had their Black Friday sale this last November. I chose this company for my first gi that I selected for myself for a few reasons: 1. I love what they represent–a company for women, by women, in a male dominated sport. 2. Great price for what appeared to be beautiful gear. 3. I could choose my top and bottom sizes separately. 4. I liked their colors and designs. I bought the second one because I liked the first one well enough and because I had gotten wonderful customer service with the first gi purchase.


I am 5’6″ tall and currently weigh 183 pounds with a curvy, muscular build. Technically I think I fall into the “apple” shape category, but my years of lifting have really shaped me in such a way that I’m just sort of proportionately large–big bust, a belly, slightly rounded butt (that I worked really f’n hard for, thank you.) and muscular thighs. I first bought the A3 kimono (same thing as a gi) top and A3 bottom  in their Crystal Weave Gi in Black, thinking I’d err on the side of caution and suspecting the items would shrink some like my first gi did. While the A3 top worked well despite being just a bit big, the bottoms were way too big, so I decided to try to exchange them for the A2 curvy. I hate exchanging things, so I dreaded to process. The ladies at Fenom were amazing, though, and made it effortless. I talked with them on the phone, and once I sent them email confirmation of the package headed their way, they sent the new pair out. I was good to go in just a couple more days. With the second gi, I opted for an A2 top, and it worked just fine, too. I stuck with the A2 curvy bottoms.

Because I go to class three nights a week most weeks and wash my gear after every class, these gis have been washed a lot. They are holding up well and haven’t shrunk nearly as much as the Venom gi that I started with. I did replace the drawstring on one set with Fenom’s custom cord drawstring. I really like that drawstring. I tried doing it on my second one, but the string got hung up on something in the dryer and frayed to the point of no return, so I put the old one back in. The custom cord has a stretch to it that the stock one doesn’t have, and comparing them is a whole post in itself that I’ll do later. I have a buddy who has one of these gis too, and she says the bottoms aren’t as good as her Fuji gis, that she has to keep pulling them up. I do notice myself resituating the bottoms when we grapple, but honestly, we’re rolling in the floor trying to break one another, so it just makes sense to me that my pants would come down. One of my next gis will be one of the Fuji ones, so I’ll do a comparison when I’ve had it a while.

All in all, I like both of my gis and will buy from this company again.