Try It. You Might Surprise Yourself

I have a really bad habit of letting my brain get in my way. I’m not a natural athlete. Not at all. But that hasn’t stopped me from being involved in sports or some form of physical activity for the greatest portion of my life. I can’t run fast, but I can plod along forever. I’m not SheRa, but I’m strong enough to surprise most folks. I’m not overly coordinated but I can usually figure out how to do something eventually. Often, I more likely to accomplish something by trial and error alone in my own gym. As a matter of fact, several times I have been able to do something dependably in my gym (#gymjen on IG) then fallen completely short of doing it in front of someone else. I did this at my first RKC as I was working to become an instructor. I can psych the hell out of myself.

I did this again last week. Ashley showed us a move in which we needed to go from flat on our backs to a backward roll with no momentum. If we needed to, we could use our opponent’s arm that we were holding with our arms over our heads.  As he was showing it, I thought, “Yeeeaaaaah….riiiiiiight……” From the very first moment, I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do it, and I couldn’t. Not there. Not with other people around. The next day, though, I thought I would work on it during my workout, maybe build up to it, hopefully be able to accomplish it after a few days’ work. With my brain out of the way, though, I did it the first time.

I really need to find a way to keep from outthinking myself. Do you? Give it a try. You might surprise yourself.


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